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How to Detox Diet with Isagenix and Cleanse for Life

With so many ‘how to’ detox diet articles making the rounds on the internet, the big question that a lot of people are asking is “Is detox healthy?”

Liver detox diet, colon cleansing, lemon detox – there are so many detox and cleansing diets on the market it’s hard to know what’s genuinely good for you and what does more harm than good. Let’s take a look at what detoxing is all about, and how it can be done safely and healthily.

What is the Detox Diet About?

We live in a highly toxic environment. No matter how careful we are with the foods we eat, we can’t avoid toxicity from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the chemicals such as flame retardants on furniture and fabrics in our homes.

The aim of a detox and cleansing diet is to remove these toxins from our bodies, similar to giving your car a grease and oil change or changing the filters in your air conditioning. So is detox healthy? Yes – but only if done correctly!

How to Detox Diet the Right Way

Many of the detox diets and so-called detox diet meals out there not only rid the body of impurities but also strip away good nutrients without replacing them and that makes them potentially dangerous. Possible side effects of a bad detox diet can include vomiting, muscle breakdown, hair loss, dizzy spells and various vitamin and mineral deficiencies, leaving the unsuspecting victim depleted and weak, and, in extreme case, in danger of serious ill health. For example, some people claim that they know how to detox diet with lemon, but this is unfortunately a potentially dangerous fad diet.

And that’s the Isagenix difference in a nutshell: Isagenix is a full-body nutrition and cleansing system that not only cleans out the toxins but also replenishes the body with vital nutrients and minerals that support good health and anti aging. See our "What Is Anti Ageing?" and "What is Isagenix?" pages for more info.

Cleanse For Life

Cleanse for Life contains over 100 nutrients and, rather than being a fad diet or short term fix, it can (and should) be used every day. It’s like wiping the slate clean and then starting over on a fresh canvas each day.

Cleanse for Life is best used as part of a detox and cleansing diet supported by other Isagenix products such as Ionix Supreme and Isalean Shakes – an energy drink that doesn’t just pump endless amounts of caffeine into your system, and a meal replacement that supports weight loss but doesn’t starve your body of nutrients. The Isagenix full body nutritional cleansing system actually provides many nutrients that are missing from our diet courtesy of today’s nutritionally-bankrupt food.

    Isagenix Cleanse for Life

    Ionix Supreme

    A nutrient-rich, rejuvenating drink that restores and protects the body and helps increase your ability to perform mentally and physically.

    • Specialized adaptogens energize your cells and adapt your body to any form of stress.
    • Contains over 100 specially sourced ingredients from around the world.
    • Antioxidants and adaptogenic herbs helps support mental and physical performance.
    • Contains our advanced supercharged blend of trace minerals, which support the body's vital functions.

    Isagenix Ionix Supreme Shakes

    Isalean Shakes

    A delicious, creamy, nutritionally complete meal replacement that takes your health and performance to new levels.

    • Contains 23 grams of the highest quality undenatured New Zealand whey and casein protein and superior amino acid complex.
    • Helps you maintain lean body mass.
    • Lower lactose levels for easier digestion.
    • Contains our exclusive blend of supercharged trace minerals.
    • Enzyme activated to help maximize absorption of key nutrients.
    • Clinically proven to support great weight-loss results and weight management.

    Isagenix Isalean Shakes®

    Dr John Gray of Men are from Mars – Women are from Venus book fame has this to say about Isagenix.
    “I found Isagenix® and I couldn’t believe the superior benefits that I got from it. Immediately, it started producing the brain chemistry of health, happiness, and increasing romance—and this is what my field was all about. I personally endorse [Isagenix®].”

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