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Enrol & Save Money

Enrol and save NZ$190 on your first order

There are two ways to buy Isagenix products – Retail or Wholesale


  • You can purchase product on line at retail price or contact us direct
  • There is no joining fee when buying retail and no monthly Autoshipment of product.
  • When shopping retail the cost of product is higher
  • Buy Retail Now

Member Price – Recommended

  • Become a member by enrolling in Isagenix - with annual fee of NZ$25.00 - NZ$50.00 (dependant on pack purchased)
  • Pay wholesale prices for all of your product
  • Choose monthly Autoship and save even more money
  • You have the possibility to earn money if you choose to by sharing Isagenix with friends and family
  • Big savings on Packs – see below

Check out these savings

30 Day Cleanse Pack

Retail price: NZ$$635.82
Member price: NZ$487.60
Member price with Autoship: NZ$445.70
Your Savings (Not on autoship) NZ$148.22
Your Savings (On autoship) NZ$190.12
Enrol Now Big Savings

30 Day Body Balance Program

Retail price: NZ$384.36
Member price: NZ$294.40
Member price with Autoship: NZ$264.75
Your Savings (Not on autoship) NZ$89.96
Your Savings (On autoship) NZ$119.61
Enrol Now  


What does all of this mean?

Well, if you become a member of Isagenix there is a small membership fee of between NZ$25 and NZ$50 depending on what you buy and whether you choose to use the easy Autoship method of ordering.

You can see from the above examples that it makes great economic sense to become a Isagenix member. You will recoup this annual fee many times over when you use these health giving products on a regular basis as we do.

The autoship Option provides the cheapest way to buy products and also the easiest!

With Autoship your chosen pack arrives on your door each month so you do not have to think about when to order and you don’t run out of product.

Not only is your product cheaper when you choose autoship – your membership fee is also reduced to NZ$25 from the normal NZ$50.

Do remember that while you have the benefit of the cheapest possible prices by choosing to be on autoship, you are definitely not locked in to buying product as you can stop, delay or change your autoship at any time before the next order.

For you it’s a win win situation – cheapest prices but with absolutely no obligation whatsoever

If you choose to sign-up online and have any difficulty in doing so, just contact us and we will be happy to work through it with you or we can set it up for you if that is easier – we are there to assist you at any time.


You will notice these great benefits

Lose kilos and centimetres
Maintain Internal Balance
Rejuvenate your body with Essential Nutrients
Reduce cravings and balance Appetite
Boost Energy Naturally
The Key to Maintaining optimal health

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