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Healing Herbs and Amazing ingredients

Isagenix sources its revered ingredients, including many rare adaptogenic herbs, from all over the world. There is no compromise on the quality of the 400 plus ingredients that make up the nutritional formulas. Here are some proven-effective natural ingredients found in Isagenix products.

Aloe Vera (Cleanse for Life)

Aloe Vera is a moisture-rich herb that is short-stemmed and grows about 24 to 39 inches long, with thick leaves that retain juice on the inside. The amazing benefits of Aloe vera are simply enormous and it is very useful for cleanse and detox.

Aloe Vera juice contains Saponin, Acemannan and Anthraquinone. These substances are potent phytochemicals that cleanse and detoxify the body of radicals, toxins and wastes. The benefits of Aloe vera come from its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and cell-revitalising properties. It also contains vitamins A, B-complex and C plus minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and calcium locked in Aloe vera gel, which is readily absorbed by the body once it enters the intestines.

Using Isagenix Cleanse for Life in the 9-day and 30-day cleanse programs produces the following benefits of aloe vera in individuals:

  • Better hair and scalp health – aloe vera gel has long been used to treat alopecia or baldness. It provides much needed nutrients for the scalp that strengthens hair from within; it nourishes the hair roots so hair growth is thicker and stronger. Hair treated with aloe vera is also dandruff free because phytochemicals in the plant kill fungus that causes flaking. The hair also has thick strands and a healthy, lively sheen.
  • Lowered glucose and sodium in blood – many people do not realise that high sugar and salt levels in the blood contribute to cravings, and therefore weight gain and obesity. They can be controlled by drinking aloe vera juice. It contains soluble fibre that locks excess salt and sugar for it to be eliminated outside the body. Lowered blood sugar levels also limit yeast infection in the body.
  • Better colon health – the colon is a remarkably tough organ in the body, capable of flushing waste completely out of the body. But daily abuse and toxins lower its efficiency, and waste products therefore accumulate. Aloe vera gel gently carries these toxins out, rejuvenating the colon to promote better health and healing of digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease and constipation.
  • Improved bone and joint health – The combination of calcium and antioxidants make aloe vera juice perfect for bones and joints. It suppresses inflammation that destroys the joints (such as arthritis) and improves bone strength.

Ashwagandha (Ionix Supreme)

AshwagandhaOne of the most effective herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine, Ashwagandha has a lot of benefits that make it essential for health and everyday life. Ashwaganda reviews and scientific research consistently show that this plant possesses medicinal and health-enhancing properties.

Primarily, Ashwagandha has been used to treat depression, anxiety, inflammation, infection and fever. But throughout the years of research, it has been discovered useful in treating many other illnesses as well. It has been found that Ashwagandha benefits the nervous system and brain because it contains Withanolides that have active properties similar to the brain's neurotransmitters that decrease anxiety and mental deficiency. It also boosts dopamine levels in the brain, which can be useful in treating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. It is also used as an effective treatment for headaches.

When combined with proper diet and exercise, fat comes off easily with Ashwagandha supplements because it lowers cortisol and cholesterol levels in the blood and therefore contributes to weight loss.

This is the main reason why the Isagenix 9-day cleanse program uses a combination of natural fat-burning supplements like Ashwagandha extracts to promise a positive effect on weight loss in just 9 days. The benefits of taking Ashwaganda supplements (like Ionix Supreme) are summed up as follows:

  • Precise mental clarity and function – daily Ashwagandha dosage in supplements boosts mental capacity and improves brain function, especially in stressful environments. It therefore reduces feelings of stress, simply because the brain can handle it with the use of Ashwagandha. It can also reduce frequency of headaches and migraine.
  • Improved muscle integrity and function – some of the Ashwagandha benefits are improved nerve reflex times, increased thyroid production of metabolism-enhancing hormones and reduced fatigue. These purported effects benefit the muscles of the body because coordination is improved with large energy reserves.
  • Faster weight loss and increased muscle mass – another noted effect of Ashwagandha supplements is weight loss due to enhanced fat burning and increased metabolism. Ashwagandha therefore not only improves the mind but the body as well.
  • Ease effects of drug withdrawal – people who have been formerly addicted to substances like cocaine, heroin, cough medicine, diphenhydramine, nicotine and cannabis experience withdrawal symptoms because the drugs greatly alter normal mental processes of the brain. Ashwagandha extracts can help repair damaged chemical pathways in the brain to ease withdrawal symptoms and speed up recovery.

Maca (Ionix Supreme)

The wonder root found only in the high mountains of Peru, the benefits of Maca root were known all over South America during the days of the Incan Empire as medicinal and a potent aphrodisiac. It was especially prized by Inca warriors, who used to eat large amounts of it in preparation for battle. Isagenix supplements containing Maca root extracts are touted to improve men's and women's health when taken daily as part of an Isagenix program.

Maca root plants grow in high altitudes, where soil is poor and few plants survive. They have no known pests and are therefore certified organic. They have high densities of minerals such as selenium, calcium, magnesium and iron plus they have numerous fatty acids and amino acids. The benefits of Maca root come from this unusually rich combination of nutrients packed in one root. Though mainly marketed to men, women can also benefit from Maca root supplements. Being a tuber, it can reduce drastic hormonal fluctuations that accompany menstruation, ovulation and menopause.

Isagenix supplements use gelatinised Maca root extracts, the more potent and safest form of supplement compared to maca root powders. Maca root gel contains several bioactive substances like uridine, malic acid, glucosinolates, glucotropaeolin and m-methoxyglucotropaeolin, which have anti-cancer properties. Maca roots also have methanol compounds that enhance function of the nervous system. In addition, their purported aphrodisiac qualities were found to be true in an experiment where a group given Maca root supplements experienced increased sexual desire compared to those given placebo.

The wonderful benefits of Maca root make it a good addition to any weight loss, cleanse or detox program. When taken as a supplement, users may experience the following benefits:

  • Increased libido and fertility in men – Maca root fertility supplements enhance sexual desire and sperm quality (both quantity and motility) in men to greatly enhance sex life and improve intimate relationships.
  • Correction of hormonal imbalances in women – the use of Maca root can help stabilise deranged hormonal levels in women. Hormonal imbalances are the cause of conditions such as dysmenorrhea, acne vulgaris and unpleasant body odour.
  • Better brain health – aside from their aphrodisiac properties, using Maca root supplements in the Isagenix 9-day and 30-day cleanse programs sharpens the mind and purges out carcinogens and waste in the heart and bowels. Unlike other brain supplements that contain caffeine, Isagenix relies solely on Maca root to improve brain function.
  • Deep cleanse of the body - The minerals and soluble fibre found in Maca root gel totally cleanse every organ in the body, getting rid of pollutants, toxins and excessive lipids for total detox and revitalisation of the whole body.

Pau d'arco (Cleanse for Life)

Pau d'Arco is a remarkable herbal medicine derived from the dried inner bark and flowers of the Pau d'Arco tree. Pau d'Arco contains several bioactive substances like flavonoids and antibacterial compound lapachol, making it very effective in promoting weight loss, fat-burning, inner cleanse and detox.

Like green tea, Pau d'Arco contains several classes of flavonoids such as quercetin, epicatechin and tannins. These flavonoids stimulate the immune system, enhance blood flow to vital organs and protect cells from oxidative stress and toxins. Widely known as the Taheebo extract, it is renowned for its deep-cleansing properties and it is included in the Isagenix Cleanse for Life Dietary Supplement. It is a very important supplement for optimal health.

By following the Isagenix 9-day and 30-day programs with use of Pau d'Arco, users will gain the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress to manageable levels – accumulated stress from work, school and home can be handled easier by using Pau d'Arco supplements in the diet, plus they also increase mental function and productivity.
  • Decrease intensity of fatigue – rest will be easier when using deep-cleanse products from nature like Pau d'Arco. It flushes out accumulated waste and toxins in the blood and organs to provide good, refreshing rest and sleep.
  • Reduce yeast infections – people who encounter stress daily are easy targets for yeast infections like candida, and this can be prevented by using Pau d'Arco as a supplement.
  • Better control of cravings – Pau d'Arco reduces the urge to eat unhealthy foods that are rich in sugar and oil. It also reduces high blood sugar levels in the blood, taming cravings and helping a lot in achieving long-term weight loss.

Shilajit (Ionix Supreme)

ShilajitShilajit is a one-of-a-kind herbal supplement approved for its healing powers. It originated in India and has been used successfully in Ayurvedic health practices and acknowledged for thousands of years for its medicinal and nutritional value. The healing properties of Shilajit rely on the fact that it contains more than 85 biologically important compounds such as triterpenes, aromatic carboxylic acid, humic acid and fulvic acid.

It has been said that almost any condition can be treated with Shilajit. It also reverses early signs of aging by ensuring normal hormonal levels in the blood. Shilajit supplements prevent thinning of hair or baldness, lowered sexual drive and they boost the immune system. They are also great for treating various health ailments associated with aging; arthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension and obesity. They also restore energy that is lost as you age by stimulating protein and nucleic acid metabolism.

Shilajit is known to have various positive effects on many different health problems, and many cultures believe it is "a cure for all medical problems". Aside from being a antioxidant, it is also anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and helps in memory and cognitive function.

The use of Shilajit in Isagenix's 9-day and 30-day programs can be beneficial in various areas such as:

  • Total body cleanse and detox – Fulvic Acid contained in Shilajit prevents toxic chemicals and substances from being absorbed by the body and flushes away those toxins that are already present inside the body, promoting good health and energy.
  • Control diabetes and prevent weight gain – Shilajit in Isagenix supplements actively prevents a rise in blood sugar levels. High blood sugar is one of the causes of cravings, which results in overeating and weight gain. It also triggers diabetic crisis and controlling blood sugar levels is one of the strategies to treat diabetes.
  • Effectively control inflammatory conditions – Because of the anti-inflammatory compounds found in Shilajit, it helps in treatment and prevention of arthritis and gout. It also addresses inflammation of the nerves (neuralgia).
  • Correction of hormonal imbalances – women are especially prone to hormonal imbalances due to frequent changes in hormone production. This can cause menstrual pain, high blood sugar levels, chronic fatigue, and infrequent ovulation. Shilajit in Isagenix supplements corrects the root of the problem to alleviate these conditions.

Wolfberry (Ionix Supreme)

Wolfberries are considered the 'red diamonds' in Traditional Chinese Medicine because of their numerous therapeutic and health-promoting properties. Wolfberry plants grow in northern China, where the best therapeutic grade of berries, known as Ningxia berries, are grown and harvested. They have been used since ancient times as medicine, as well as being added into dishes. Wolfberry is popularly known as Goji juice and extracts. It is ranked and recognised as a superfruit along with acai berry, blueberry, cranberry and pomegranate.

Wolfberry fruits are exceptionally nutritious; they contain 11 essential and 22 trace dietary minerals (such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and selenium), 18 amino acids, 5 healthy unsaturated fatty acids (such as linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid), several phytosterols and phenols, a rare hefty amount of nutrients for any fruit. The fruit is very beneficial to the health and it can help reduce risk of cardiovascular and inflammatory disease in the body. Isagenix cleanse and detox supplements with wolfberry juice are used to flush out toxins and carcinogenic substances in the blood and organs.

Here are the benefits people can get from taking Isagenix cleanse and detox supplements with wolfberry:

  • Improved mental function – each wolfberry supplement supplies rare minerals that are not often available in the diet such as selenium, zinc and copper. These minerals are used in production of enzymes and neurotransmitters needed by the brain cells.
  • Normal eyesight, even in advanced age – with increased age, people experience acute changes in vision due to depletion of eye pigments used to differentiate colors of light. Wolfberries are one of the few natural sources of such pigments (Lutein and Zeaxanthin). Wolfberry supplements can significantly improve eyesight and maintain normal function for years to come.
  • Deep cleanse and detox – The wolfberry contains a lot of antioxidants in the form of plant sterols and vitamins to scavenge excessive oxygen radicals that damage normal cells. Wolfberry supplements restore and revitalise organs so they can function at optimal levels.
  • Enhance weight loss and help address obesity – Wolfberry extracts make it easier for the body to burn fat because they contain a lot of minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. Minerals enhance metabolism of excessive fat while unsaturated fatty acids clear plaques (caused by LDL cholesterol) in the blood vessels to ensure normal blood flow to muscles and organs.
  • Enhance fertility and virility – recent scientific studies of goji extracts show that wolfberry supplements prevent DNA damage to sex cells, which is implicated in birth defects and lowered fertility. They improve the quality of produced sperm and egg cells.

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